​Robotics are no longer an idea of the future – they are a technology of the present. Though many people have historically feared the innovation of robotics and the safety of autonomous machinery, society has now begun to learn how beneficial this technology can be in all avenues of life. At Autmow, we have embraced robotics and are North America’s first, largest, and fastest growing network of robotic lawn and turf-care specialist.

What is a Robotic Lawn Mower?

First introduced into production in 1995, robotic lawn mowers are constantly improving and have become a booming success after 25 years in the lawn care industry. Simply put – a robotic lawn mower is an independently moving piece of yard equipment meant to cut grass. These lawn mowers are termed “autonomous” because they have the freedom to operate on their own. This means that once the settings and controls have been selected by the operator, there is no physical presence necessary from the operator for the robotic mower to function.

How Does a Robotic Lawn Mower Work?

Robotic lawn mowers are extremely easy to set up and utilize. Users simply set up a border wire of their property and define the area that needs to be cut. These wires are also used to outline parameters within the yard, such as trees or other obstacles, as well as providing a path to the charger for the robot to charge. Once the parameters have been set, the mower will use the buried wires to navigate the edges of the lawn and ensure a clean cut, every time. Additionally, robotic mowers are designed with built-in sensors to help the mowers from getting stuck on any unexpected objects.

What are the Benefits of a Robotic Lawn Mower?

The benefits of switching to a robotic lawn mower are seemingly countless. This technology is eco-friendly, whisper quiet, safer, better for your lawn, economical, and effortless.

  • Eco-Friendly: robotic lawn mowers are emission free and run on electric power. This makes them significantly eco-friendlier than a traditional gas lawn mower. Additionally, the use of electric power eliminates the need for gas station trips or the need to replace the oil.
  • Whisper Quiet: most units are so quiet that they can run at night. Unlike a traditional gas lawn mower, most robotic units run so quietly that you may not even realize that they are running.
  • Safer: the design is extremely safe and includes lightweight, retractable blades to prevent damage to obstacles and reduce the spray of debris. Additionally, lift and tilt sensors prevent the mowers from operating when they are not upright.
  • Economical: on average, robotic mowers use less than $5 in electricity per month and require no expensive maintenance.

Why Purchase a Robotic Lawn Mower from Autmow?

Autmow is North America’s first, largest, and fastest growing network of robotic lawn and turf-care specialists. Our growth can be attributed to not only our experienced team of experts and superior customer service, but also to our long-term care and maintenance. From purchase, we want to ensure that every aspect of your autonomous robot experience is easy, efficient, and affordable.

Autmow is a family-run company that began in 2012 and has been inviting customers to join the family since. After years of research and testing, we developed a unique approach to combine the best technology with the best service possible. Now, we offer comprehensive, emission-free solutions for EVERYONE, including homeowners to large business and government.

Contact Autmow to schedule a free lawn assessment and let us provide recommendations on which robotic lawn mower will be best for your lawn’s needs!