Anti-theft systems don’t have to be as dramatic and intricate as the system created by Kevin McCallister in the 1990 hit movie “Home Alone”. We all understand that in the world we live in today, it is important to protect ourselves and our property from people that are willing to steal for their own gain. Though the anti-theft systems on robotic mowers may not be nearly as entertaining as Kevin’s, they are just as effective. Read below to explore the different anti-theft measures that many mowers are equipped with in order the trick the tricksters.

The PIN-Code Feature

All robotic mowers are equipped with a PIN-code feature. This feature only allows authorized users to utilize the mower by imputing a designated PIN-code. This 4-digit code is designated at the time of installation by the owner. Additionally, if the security of your PIN is compromised at any time, the owner can change the PIN in the options menu. This means that if a thief does decide to steal your mower, it will be completely unusable to them or anyone they may try to pawn it off on.

Audible Alarm Feature

Probably the most basic but effective security feature of robotic mowers is the audible alarm. Most robotic mowers will sound an audible alarm the moment they are picked up. Users can turn this feature on and off to suite their needs and they can also set how long the alarm will continue to sound once it is set.

Instant Notifications Feature

Much like any smart device of the times, robotic mowers allow users to receive instant notifications. Higher-end mowers use GSM cell service to connect to your phone and alert you if they ever have an issue. This means no matter where you are, you have a pulse on the activity of your robotic mower, and an eye on anyone that may be lurking around it with ill intentions.

Base Station Exclusivity Feature

Most robotic mowers are uniquely paired to their charging base, meaning that they cannot be charged by any other charging base. Unless thieves want to steal both your bot and your charger in one swift swoop, they will not be able to charge the battery once it dies. Similarly to the PIN-code feature, this renders the mowers useless to thieves.

Auto-Disabling/Geo-Fencing Feature

Robotic mowers are also equipped with an auto-disabling or geo-fencing feature that will render it unusable if it is removed from its designated mowing area. This feature normally is paired with the audible alarm mentioned above. That way, if it is removed from your yard, it will be of no use to thieves who are looking to use the mower for their own gain (and the alarm will sound continuously until it is returned to its geo-fenced area). This feature can be turned on and off by the owner in cases where the mower is going to be used remotely.

The GPS Tracking Feature

Though all the previously mentioned security measures only render the machinery useless for thieves and therefore discourage them from stealing your mower, this feature allows you to retrieve your mower from whoever stole it from you. The GPS tracking features allows you to find your robotic mower’s location via GPS coordinates. It may not be best to go on a heroic run alone to steal back your mower, but this feature is a great resource when reporting the incident to police who can then go and find the lost mower. Additionally, this feature can notify you when your mower is removed from your cutting area so that you can begin the process quickly of reporting the theft to your local police.

What’s the Takeaway?

What’s the takeaway from all this? Robotic mowers are very well equipped to deal with thieves and have quite a few safety tricks up their sleeves to ensure that you feel safe with your purchase of a robotic mower. Robotic mowers may not have matched Kevin’s creativity when it comes to tricks, but they come close to the same number of boobie-traps!

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