Many of us dream of never having to mow the lawn… but can we trust robo mowers to not get mangled in a pile of branches and rocks … or end up sputtering at the bottom of a slope, unable to make the climb?

We’ve come a long way in automated technology in the last century. But lawn maintenance is something that’s been held back in the dark ages. Robotic lawn mowers face unique challenges. So we spend our well-deserved weekends breaking our backs, pushing our mowers. 

It’s not like we shun technological advances. I mean, our great, great, great, great grandmother was washing clothes by the river. Yet we use our modern “washing machine” without thinking twice.

Even sweeping and vacuuming is so 2005. We’ve got automated help for many of our biggest home care challenges. But we’re still missing Sunday drinks with the gang because we’re busy being our own lawn care service.

When it comes to lawns, we’re living in primitive times. 

Are Automowers Ready for the Most Difficult Lawn Care Tasks?

It’s not that we don’t dare to dream. Sure, we’ve pictured ourselves sleeping in a hammock while our robot mower takes care of the dirty work. We wake up to a perfectly mowed lawn. 

But this fantasy is often followed by a dark nightmare. We see our automower mangled in a pile of branches and rocks. Or we see it sputtering at the bottom of a slope, unable to make the climb. 

It’s not like we can clean the floor of obstacles before letting our autonomous lawnmower lose. This isn’t a Roomba. It’s like the Wild West out there. So for years we’ve given up on this fantasy of automated lawn care. 

Would our lives be better? Yes. 

Could we use this free time? Of course.

But we feel like we don’t have another choice. So we just do all the heavy lifting ourselves.

But what if we didn’t have to? 

In a world of self-driving cars and cyberwear, there has to be an answer for autonomous lawn care. We were never meant to spend our weekends pushing a mower like we’re work mules. 

And the answer isn’t the lawn boy. He’s too busy uploading the picture to SnapChat to notice that he’s about to hit a tree. We must have something that will make our lives easier without any added headache.  

There are quite a few autonomous lawn mowers on the market. Many can be good options if you have a simple, flat yard and you’re not looking for fancy GPS technology. But they can leave you frustrated once they hit uneven terrain. 

But here’s the good news. The autonomous lawn mowers of today aren’t all like your father’s robo mower. Some, like the Husqvarna Automower, are built with technology that can handle difficult terrain. So you really can sit back in that hammock while your robot breaks a sweat.

The Smartest Automated Lawn Mowers for Uneven Terrain 

They say there’s a difference between being book smart and life smart. But some modern self mowing lawn mowers have both. They are programmed to operate under a variety of conditions. And they seem to just effortlessly handle real-life obstacles and challenges where others fell short. 

The Husqvarna Automower is one of the robotic lawn mowers that leads the pack. This series of all terrain mowers really delivers. They specialize in slopes and other hard to mow areas. And they’ve taken away the most cringe-worthy challenges of a robotic mowing service. 

Part of what makes these automated mowers so smart is that they come uniquely designed to handle obstacles. You’re getting a robot mower that is built to adapt to your yard’s challenges. 

These three options demonstrate the smarts capable of a modern automated mower. 

Husqvarna Automower 310: Let’s say you have a small to medium size lawn, up to .25 acre. The Automower 310 might be all you need. This entry level mower can handle obstacles, slopes, and inclement weather. So it’s not going to be slowed down by uneven terrain.

Husqvarna Automower 550h: You have a lawn with multiple narrow passages. Then the Automower 550h might be your solution. This mower is great for large and complex lawns. There’s even an app to help you stay informed and in control. 

Husqvarna Automower 435x AWD: Maybe your lawn has so many slopes, you put on hiking boots just to walk to your mailbox. Then the Automower 435x AWD is a great choice. This one can handle large yards and steep grades. Plus it has features like GPS navigation.

Sticks and Stones are No Threat to an Autonomous lawn Mower.

Self mowing lawn mowers have left the dark ages. If you choose wisely, your autonomous mower will be able to handle steep slopes and difficult terrain. Sticks and stones won’t get in your way. 

You should be working smarter, not harder. And now you have a way to kick back and let your robot do some of the heavy lifting. Reclaim your weekend.