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Your Robotic Mower Dealer in Greenville, SC

Autmow Robotic Mowing of Greenville proudly serves the outdoor automation needs of Greenville and surrounding areas.

Our primary service areas include; Greenville, Easley, Clemson, Wade Hampton, Anderson, Greenville County, Parker, Clinton, Taylors, Hendersonville, Berea, Greer, Simpsonville, Gantt, Mauldin, Laurens.

If you live outside of these areas, fear not. We are willing to travel to meet your needs, though some services may be limited or could include additional distance fees. If you have questions about our coverage area, products and services offered, or would like to learn more about how we can help automate your lawn, please reach out through the contact form below, by phone or email.

Business Details


Services Offered

Residential Robotic Mowers

Commercial Robotic Mowers

Sales & Installation

Let us come out and properly install your robotic mower. From standard residential lawns to multi-unit commercial turf, we have the tools and knowledge to install products from our range of manufacturers.

Line Repair

Having problems with your existing wire installation? It happens. Give us a call and we’ll come out, determine the problem and repair to get your robotic mower back up and on it’s schedule.

Service & Repair

Accidents happen and the outdoors take a toll on anything. Our networks access to manufacturer tools allow us to diagnose and perform certified repairs when the worst happens.

Smarlawn Leasing

Not interested in purchasing? That’s okay, lease your robotic mower for a monthly fee. Add additional lawncare services for a few more dollars. We will also take care of off-season storage.

MaintainMe Storage

MaintainMe is our seasonal service package. Select from periodic fresh blade installation to full winter pickup, cleaning and storage to keep your investment taken care of and working hard.

Demos & Surveys

Want to see the product in person before a commitment? Let us show you. While on-site, we can survey your needs and provide a recommendation that can handle the terrain.

Brands & Products

Models: 14
Use: Home + Business
Acre Range: .025-22

2 Color Gardena Logo White Horizontal 200px

Models: 5
Use: Homeowner
Acre Range: .06-.19

Gardena Sileno Minimo robot thumbnail
Robomow logo brand grey 200px

Models: 3
Use: Homeowner
Acre Range: .25-1

Robomow RK Series Mower Thumbnail
worx landroid logo 200px

Models: 3
Use: Homeowner
Acre Range: .125-.5

Worx Landroid thumbnail
Ambrogio logo white 200px

Models: 11
Use: Home + Business
Acre Range: .06-5

Ambrogio L250i robot mower thumbnail
2 Color Gardena Logo White Horizontal 200px

Models: 3
Use: Commercial
Acre Range: 3-6

Echo TM1000 thumbail

Contact Us

Fill out the form below to schedule a FREE demo with Autmow of Greenville, ask a question about our products or services, or let us help you find the right solution for your turf care needs. Response time is typically 24-48 hours.

Built for Anything

HILLS | Gyroscopes sense hills and turn the mower to slow momentum and can handle slopes up to 35°

SAFETY | Articulating, collapsible blades don’t throw stones or damage hard objects. Tilt and lift sensors also stop operation if the mower isn’t upright.

SECURITY | A personalized pin and adjustable alarm keep others from tampering with your mower. GPS allows for real-time tracking.

OBSTACLES | Proximity sensors allow the mowers to slow when approaching obstacles. Bump Sensors allow them to touch and change direction.

NEIGHBORS | Your Mower Profile gives you the ability to run ten mowers from a phone, allowing neighbors to coordinate and Lawn Care Professionals to manage fleets, Lightweight blades and no engine make for near-silent mowing.

REST | The mower knows when it’s low on battery and will find its way home to charge—and then go back out if it hasn’t finished.

PRECISION | Mowing height and daily and weekly schedules are easily customized from your phone for your yard’s perfect cut.

BUSINESS | No gas, no noise and good looks help corporations promote eco-friendly initiatives; builders and realtors make sales; small businesses draw foot traffic; and healthcare practitioners keep patients undisturbed.

CURVES | Boundary wires offer infinite flexibility and passage sensors allow for maneuverability.

RAIN | Waterproof designs and unique blades give mowers the ability to cut in the rain without damaging grass. Their light weight allows them to run without leaving tracks.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee​​

Have us out to look at your lawn and answer questions before you buy, and we’ll give you our guarantee.

0% Financing Available

0% Financing Available up to 48 months! Contact us for more information and eligibility

Become A Certified Installer

Join America’s fastest growing network of robotic installation professionals.

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