Are you sure you want to buy a robotic lawn mower? 

After all, the traditional, old-fashioned way of lawn care is so classic. That sweat of hard work, smell of gas, loud noise… for countless days and weeks of your life…

Here are some reasons why using robotic lawn mower may not be the right choice for you.

No Stripes!

One of the coolest things about mowing the lawn manually is the nice stripes you get. Have you ever looked online for lawn stripes that look artistic? Can’t mow messages in the lawn for outer space aliens to see with robotic lawn mowers. 

Instead, robotic lawn mowers cut your whole lawn evenly, at a healthy cutting height. No artistic finish to it whatsoever. Just your typical, evenly cut, carpet-like, lush, healthy lawn.  YAWN.

Your lawn is your canvas. Spend that extra time on the lawn to make nice lawn stripes yourself. It’ll make your lawn look super pretty for a day or two until your kids either mess it up with their football game or you have to mow again. 

They’re Too Quiet

When you use a robotic lawn mower, you can barely hear it. Even one of the largest robotic mowers on the market doesn’t make much noise. 

A loud lawn mower is one of the essential pieces of a typical warm weekend afternoon. The loud motor revving, drowning out the sound of other noises, forcing everyone to shout your name like you’re at a concert. 

Plus, if you don’t like your neighbors, one of the best ways to irritate them is to make as much noise as possible. You can’t do that with a robotic mower. 

In fact, there’s a good chance you wouldn’t even be able to hear it either. Robotic lawn mowers work so quietly that you’d be stuck listening to the sound of nature: chirping birds, the breeze through the trees…

Wouldn’t you rather let your ears ring to remind you that you did a good job cutting the lawn yourself?

You Love Working in the Weather

Look, if you love mowing in the rain, don’t let us and our robotic mowers stop you. And we know you’ll miss that red farmer’s tan from being out in the sun too long.

You can’t enjoy any of that with a robotic lawn mower. Instead, you’ll have to go find something fun to do outside while your robotic mower cuts the lawn. You’ll have to go canoeing with your friends or have a barbecue or go see a movie with the wife. You’re pretty much forced to go do something else.

Patchy Lawns are More Fun

Perfection is boring. You’ll feel so uninterested looking at your lawn being evenly leveled all around. Not one spec of rough patches anywhere. What’s fun about that?

You Might Need to Rely on Autmow’s Professional Team of Service Pros to Keep Your Robotic Mower in Tiptop Shape

Most likely, you treat your manual lawn mower the same way you treat your car. You do all of the oil top-ups, parts cleaning, and maintenance yourself. 

Autmow professionals are always ready to do maintenance and problem solving on your robotic lawn mower. But that’s YOUR privilege to enjoy, not ours. You should be the one in the scorching heat getting the satisfaction of keeping your robotic mower in its best shape. 

Your kids will have to find other chores.

Instead, your kids will be sweeping the kitchen, doing the dishes, painting the shed, scooping dog poop, and other household chores that you or your spouse would have had to do.

We know you’ll miss watching your kid break a sweat out there. We know this is hard.

Because you Would NEVER Use A Dish Washer or Clothes Dryer or modern automobile…

You would never use a washing machine. The wind dries ’em better. (Unless it’s raining…)

You would never use a dish washer. Instead of watching TV with your family, you’d rather be washing a dish with your own two hands!

So why on earth would you want to save time and have a beautiful lawn with a robot, of all things?

That’s why you should NOT reach out to Autmow to find and help set up your new robotic lawn mower. And you definitely shouldn’t fill out our contact form for a free demo or for answers to your robotic mower questions.