Look at your robot mower in action! Cutting your grass is as easy as setting up a schedule in the Automower Connect App.

But here’s some food for thought. Where do those grass clippings go? 

The clippings disappear like magic.

You’re cutting your lawn in a new way. And this saves you more than work and time.

Because this changes your grass clippings. 

Mowing with a traditional mower

Let’s face it. Mowing your lawn the old fashioned way can be a chore. Maybe you’re getting sick of having to bag all your clippings and hoist them out by the curb every single week. Or if you don’t bag them, maybe you’re tired of seeing clumps of clippings in the grass — which can also kill the grass!

When the clippings sit there, they’ll burn the grass, and that’s not good for your lawn.

Furthermore, bagging your clippings takes away much-needed nutrients from the soil. And we’ll get to that in just a bit.

But how does this affect your grass clippings? 

With a traditional lawn mower, you wait until the grass is high enough to cut. Which means by the time you’re out there, you have to take off a few centimeters. 

Now you have to get rid of all those blades. Because, quite frankly, your clippings have gone from scraps to a heap. What a pain.

But this isn’t good for your grass. In fact, cutting your grass when it’s too high helps deplete the nutrients from your soil. 

When you cut your grass when it’s too high, you can seriously damage your lawn. And the clippings left behind are a burden to manage. 

Your robot mower creates a different KIND of grass clipping.

Using the Automower Connect app, you set your mow schedule so that lawn maintenance is a snap. No more procrastination. And no more sky high blades of grass. 

Your mower’s got it all under control.

And this changes the grass clippings. Since your grass doesn’t grow much between mowings, the grass clippings are very small. 

In fact, they’re only a few millimeters long. That’s quite a difference from the centimeters you cut off with your traditional mower. 

And here’s the really good news.

Your robot mower won’t collect your grass clippings. And that means you’ll save the time and effort of discarding them. Because what used to be waste is now plant nutrition.

Instead of collecting those clippings, your robot mower will return them to the ground. This will help mulch the soil. And now you have natural fertilizer.

Mind you, this isn’t fertilizer you must buy at the store. It’s free and readily available. 

And they help improve the grass’ quality and health. 

Healthy nutrition for your lawn.

You can’t get your kids to eat your veggies. But you can easily improve your lawn’s nutrition.

Robot mowers are “mulching mowers.”

Grass clippings are mulched into very fine pieces of grass that provide useful nutrients such as nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus back to the soil.

Mulch provides excellent nutrients to your lawn, and saves you time and money.

There are a multitude of advantages to mulching the soil

Here are a few examples:

  • It helps retain moisture levels.
  • More nutrients go back to the soil.
  • Mulching is easier and faster than laying fertilizer.
  • It stops grass from building up (No thatch).
  • It’s free. No expensive fertilizers!

But won’t these clippings be an eyesore?

If you tried this with a conventional mower, you’d get clumps of grass sticking to the great. Talk about tacky and ugly. 

But this is no problem for your robot mower. 

These clippings are so small and fine. So that they won’t clump and stick out on the surface. 

Instead, they fall gently back to the soil. And you will never see them.

Now you’ve got a lush and healthy lawn.

No, it isn’t magic. It’s just common sense.

When you automate your lawn care, your lawn will receive better care. And now what was waste is nourishment. Welcome to your new lawncare.