Charging Station Kit: (WR140/143, WR165, WR147, WR155)


Includes: charging station, 1 charger, 328′ boundary wire, 130 stakes, 8 base screws, 1 hex key

OEM Part


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  • Charging station for WR140 / WR143 / WR147 / WR155/ WR165 Landroid Robotic Mowers.
  • Create multiple zones and mow larger areas with an extra charging station.
  • Maintain more than one area by moving your Landroid to the front or back yard with the flexibility of having an additional charging station.
  • Reach blocked areas that were once restricted by an unpassable barrier or complex layout.
  • Includes: charging station, charger, 328 ft. boundary wire, 130 pegs, 8 nails, hex key.



The Worx brand is responsible for the highly modular Landroid® series robotic mowers that are a great fit for most homeowners interest in getting into autonomous lawn care

Autmow Worx brand logo

Additional information

Weight12 lbs
Dimensions25 × 6 × 23 in


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