Armada Pro900 Advanced Digital Underground Wire Finder



Our most versatile versatile fault locator from Armada.

Digital Interference Suppression, Two Direct Connection Frequencies (2 kHz, 33 kHz), Passive 50/60Hz AC Tracking

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Digital, Inductive, Exceptional The Pro900™ Digital Underground Cable Locator is the #1 locator at Armada and is a full-featured digital underground locator for contractors and maintenance personnel. Incorporating three different locating frequencies, the Pro900™ tracks metallic cabling, including CATV, electrical, telephone, sprinkler, and lighting. The Pro900™ transmits solid or intermittent signals that are easy to follow. The digital signal reception allows for crystal clear tone reception in most situations with either null or peak reception and features a KOSS stereo headset.

When you first use the Pro900™, immediately you notice the clear, clean, interference-free signal.  No buzzing, no AC crackling, no drowning of your signal beneath the local electrical transformer or electric cable.  All of that garbage is filtered out.  What remains is a distinct beeping or continuous tone, easy to follow, easy to track.  In addition, the added digital sensitivity allows for reception signal changes over splices, decoders, and other anomalies.  It takes a little practice, but subtle underground changes in wire/cable features can be located, marked, and dug up. Another big advantage to the Pro900™ is its 2 inductive mode capabilities.  The Pro900™ has both the new IC3 inductive clamp and inductive antenna modes.  These wireless connection methods give the Pro900™ incredible flexibility when tracking wires and cable that you either can’t or don’t wish to disconnect, like live electrical or in-service CATV lines. The Pro900™ incorporates a 50/60Hz passive locating mode, which identifies electrical sources (power cables) and tracks them without using a transmitter of any kind. Contractors can identify the path of 50/60 Hz underground cables without disconnecting them or connecting to the cable. The Pro900™ uses the triangulation method for depth determination.  Simply acquire the wire path in the null mode, place the receiver at a 45-degree angle to that path, move the receiver horizontally in the direction the receiving wand is leaning and when you get the null again, the distance traveled is the depth of the wire.

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 29 × 11 × 5 in


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