To kickstart part 5 of our TinyLineMakerSport series, we’ll give you a quick step-by-step process for how to prime the pump system on a TinyLineMarker Sport before painting the fields.

This process is applicable to both the “Pro” model and the “Sport” model.

But first, a quick recap:

  • For part 2, we focused on battery management with a quick tutorial on how to charge, install, and remove your battery for the TinyLineMarker Sport. (Did you miss out on part 2? Check it out here.)
  • In part 3, we discussed how to clean the pump on the TinyLineMarker Sport after every use, and
  • In part 4, we discussed a quick step-by-step process for how to install the paint nozzle onto the unit. We covered the different parts on the assembly and how they piece together.

How to Prime Your Pump Before You Paint with the TinyLineMarker Sport Series by TinyMobileRobots

First thing’s first: get out your tablet.

Make sure your tablet is on “Map View”.

  1. Open up the “Cleaning Tab”
  2. Click the second option: “Flush the system with water”.

Once you activate the flush, it will turn the pump on and you’ll be able to see the paint running through the tubing.

Once it has completed the flush, your robot is now primed and ready to paint.

Simple as that!

How to Prime The Pump on a TinyLineMarker Sport Without A Tablet

On the “Pro” model, you can prime your pump with the tablet, but on the “Sport” model, you have the option to prime your pump with a button directly on the chassis.

Simply hit the yellow button on the top. Easy peasy.

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