You’re a big sports fan. But when it comes to painting a field. Well, that’s a time when you’d rather be benched. 

All that measuring. Then there’s the time it takes to create an outline. Do you use stencils or a paint line machine? 

And that’s before you even start to paint.

Better make sure to spray evenly. And make sure to not use too much paint. Plus, have those rags ready for when you make an “oops.”

Or you could paint a sports field with a robot

Sit back and take a load off. Because now painting the sports field will be no sweat. 

Set up just takes a few minutes. And then your robot starts getting the job done.

Your field looks professional. And it’s kind of like you get a trophy while putting in very little work. 

Setup in just a few simple steps 

Prepping your robot is easy. First, you add a nozzle and a filter. This takes just seconds.

Your robot comes with a container. Your job is to simply fill your container with paint and place it inside your robot. 

Finally, you adjust your robot’s height. And now your robot is primed to start painting. 

Congrats — you’ve just finished the “heavy lifting” portion of painting your sports field. Make sure to wipe your brow. You probably didn’t work up a sweat. But be sure to look like you did.

Choose and customize your template

From the accompanying template, you’re going to choose and customize your field. The first step is to physically locate your field on the map. 

Once you’re there, click “New Field.” 

And from there, you will choose the appropriate template for your field. There are a wide variety of options. Find the right match and give it a name. 

Now place your new field onto your map. You’re able to resize and rotate your field as needed.

And now you’re ready to save it and get started. 

Send your robot to work

Your prep work is done, and your robot has a plan. And you just need to set him free. 

How does your robot know it’s his turn to bat? That’s as simple as pressing the start button. 

It sounds too easy, but there he goes. 

Watch him go as your robot perfectly paints your sports field. You can sit back, relax, and know that your field will look professional. 

Everything is saved in the cloud

Once you create your field, you can use it over and over again. That’s because your field is saved to the cloud. 

Now you can repaint your field anytime. And there’s no initial setup needed!

Just choose the template, press the start button, and your robot gets moving

Make sure to clean up when done

It’s important to properly clean your robot. Like everything else, your robot’s computer program leads you through the process. 

Choose the cleaning option and click on the first step of the menu. This pulls all the paint from the hose back into the paint container. 

Now you’re ready to remove the paint container. And replace it with a container of fresh water. 

The pump goes into the water container and the hose points down to the ground. Select the second option from the cleaning menu which will rinse the pump and hoses with clean water. 

There’s just one step left and you’re done. Select the third step on the cleaning menu to rinse your nozzle. 

And now your robot is clean.

Why not make it easy?

Sure, there are more time consuming and laborious ways to paint a field. And you might enjoy a good challenge. But do you really want to paint your sports field the hard way? 

Using a robot to paint a sports field is an easy win. 

You follow the menu prompts. And unleash your robot onto the field. 

Your sports field looks perfect. And now you have time to handle other things.

Like those jersey’s that arrived 3 sizes too small.