In part 3 of this TinyLineMakerSport series, we’re going to cover the importance of cleaning your machine after every use and how exactly you need to clean your machine’s pump.

But first, a quick recap: In part 1 of this series, we introduced the TinyLineMaker Sport. A tech-savvy machine with innovative position technology and smart integrated software. For part 2, we focused on battery management with a quick tutorial on how to charge, install, and remove your battery for the TinyLineMarker Sport. (Did you miss out on part 2? Check it out here.)

The importance of cleaning your machine

If you want your machine to last, it’s important to clean the pump system and nozzles after every use. Disastrous damage to the pump system may occur if the leftover paint is allowed to dry inside the pump system, leaving your machine worse for wear.

The following cleaning procedure helps users to avoid problems with dry paint in the pump system. It can be followed by using the pump and spray buttons on top of the machine. Or it can be accessed on the tablet main screen by pressing the “cleaning” button. The video below describes how to use the app for cleaning, while this blog will cover how to use the buttons on top of the machine for an effective clean.

How to clean your machine’s pump

The following is a step-by-step process of how to use the pump and spray activation buttons found on top of the machine to clean the pump system.

  1. Empty the system
    Remove the suction filter from the paint canister so that can suck in air. Keep the return hose in the paint can you just used. Next, press button (A) to start the pump. When there is no more paint in the system, press button (A) again to stop the pump.
  2. Rinse the system
    The next step is to place the suction filter in a clean water container and the return hose in a residual container. You can use an empty and rinsed paint can. Press (A) to start the pump then rinse until clean water comes out of the return hose. When the system has completely rinsed, press button (A) again to stop the pump.
  3. Clean the nozzle
    Keep the suction filter in the water tank and place a residual container under the nozzle to catch the water. Press button (A) to start the pump, then press button (B) to start the nozzle. Let the water flow through the nozzle for 10 seconds, and then press buttons (B) and (A) again to stop the spray valve and pump.
  4. Clean the nozzle and filter
    Dismount nozzle parts and filter. Let them soak in clean water then wipe the parts off with a clean cloth or a soft brush.

Check out the video below for a visual breakdown of how to clean the pump system using the TinyLineMarker app.