Brian Samuels is the regional commissioner for a YSO region, two 14 and south Pasadena and San Marino. As someone who runs a volunteer youth soccer organization with eight locations and 28 total fields, they knew they needed a better solution than a volunteer manually sport field line marking. This is how they decided on a line marking robot.

That’s where the Tiny Line Marker from TinyMobileRobots steps in.

Choosing a Line Marking Robot

“I thought the Tiny Line was best for us because it just seemed more simple,” says Samuels, “Anybody could do it. And it was perfect for organization like ours, which is an all volunteer.”

The machine itself is small enough to pick up and use with ease. “I was able to pick the machine up, put it in the back of my Prius and drive it around to the various fields, pulled it out and put it on the various locations that we have. Touch the tablet, set go, and away it went. I never thought it would be this easy.”

Samuels also speaks to the high time investment involved with sports field management and how this sports line marker saves their organization time.

“You know, a lot of the time and money that gets spent setting up fields has to do with the initial striping, the initial lining of the fields. And all of that goes away with Tiny Mobile Robots. The templates are drag and drop. You put them on basically a Google satellite image.”

Cost Savings With Sports Field Robots

Line marking machines don’t just make things easier. They also make high quality field marking affordable for sports teams and professional sports turf pros.

“You know, we were looking to save money, save time, reduce labor costs. Our material costs was cut by two thirds. So down to one third of our overall costs, we’re able to distribute the work amongst various people.”

Samuels continues, “This way, we can focus on what our organization is designed to do, which is provide an optimal soccer experience for 1,800 kids that enroll. So rather than being field experts and painting experts, we can focus our, our energy on teaching kids.”

“This is going to possibly sound cliche, but I think everything about the robot has surprised us.”

High Precision Results in 20 Minutes

“Everyone that comes to our fields actually has mentioned how amazing fields look from week to week and how different it is this year versus years past,” says Samuels.

With other sports field line markers out there, why would they choose TinyMobileRobots?

“We looked at a couple of other robots. We looked at a robot that had a much more complicated setup and hardware configuration. And we thought, from an all volunteer organization perspective, keep it simple. And that really has helped us. We feel like we made the right decision and we’re extremely happy with our investment.”

We, it took us a couple of months to, to get around to making the decision, but after seeing it in action, uh, it’s, it’s a no brainer.

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