Painting a large sports field takes up quite a bit of time. Even if you have two landscaping crew members painting it, that still takes a while to line the field. 

And time is money.

Instead of having your team work on the field for one or more hours, wouldn’t you like to get some time back? Well, you can do just that with a TinyMobileRobots sports field line marker, called the TinyLineMarker.

You could have the crew work on other parts of the field while the robot is lining it. As a result, you’ll see a finished project much quicker than planned. 

Keep reading to see how much this field line marker may save you versus traditionally lining. 

Tiny Mobile Robot Field Line Marker

Why TinyMobileRobots Is Awesome

TinyMobileRobots manufactures autonomous robot field liners. They use GPS technology to help give a virtual visual of the field to line. You get the robot’s precise location with the aid of real-time kinematic positioning, or RTK. This advanced positioning tech ensures that the lining is correct to the centimeter. 

Most of the time manually setting up the field is usually spent doing the initial stripping and initial lining of the field. It takes some measurements and string placements. 

To set it up, first you take the robot and place it at the start of the field. Because it’s the one device, you save space by carrying fewer materials. And it’s light compared to other equipment, weighing at a little over 50 pounds.

Next, you set the map on your device. You can choose from multiple field templates based on the sport. 

After that’s set up, the robot marker uses the advanced GPS to find the starting point and begins painting. Once it’s working, your team can focus on other activities related to preparing the field. 

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Depending on the sport field, the robotic sports field line marker will get the job done within roughly 20 minutes per field. Considering that it takes one repainter at least 45 minutes to line the field, that’s enormous time saved for the crew. 

Saving on labor hours is the most attractive benefit of robot markers. To put it in perspective, lining a brand new American football field will take a crew member(s) over 20 hours. By using a robot marker, you can have the field completed in two and a half hours and save significantly on labor costs.

Additionally, you’ll see a reduction in wasted paint thanks to the marker’s precise marking. Over time, you’ll see savings well beyond the thousands.

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How Much Does it Cost to Paint a Sports Field Manually?

The overall cost of manually painting a sports field greatly depends. Factors that can fluctuate the price include the kind of sport field, cans of paint needed, and the manpower required. 

Field marking companies generally charge around $5 per square foot for a standard soccer field. Other types of sports fields, like an American football field, will cost more. 

Labor is one of the main contributions to the cost. If you only need to repaint a field, it’ll take one repainter an hour. However, if you basically need to mark a field from the start, that’ll take an hour for a group of crewmembers. It’ll also take many more gallons of paint to account for human error. 

Robot field markers shaves not only time and labor costs, but also used material, resulting in a lower overall expense budget in the long run. 

How Much Do Field Line Markers Cost?

If you’re ready to save on your expenses, a TinyMobileRobot product is the way to go. You have two options to choose from. 

Sport Edition

If the fields that you line are for colleges, clubs, and local sports teams, this is the model for you. It’s the cheaper and more lightweight option. Here are the stats:

  • 55 pounds with lightweight sport wheels
  • 5 L paint container
  • Compact for transporting
  • 5 hour charge time

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Pro X Edition

This model tackles the toughest of fields. Large sports teams will benefit from this edition. All field templates come preinstalled when you connect it to your device. Here are the stats:

  • 10 L paint container
  • 77 pounds with high traction wheels
  • Better for the rough weather or field conditions
  • 1 meter per second marking speed

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How You Can’t Go Wrong with TinyMobileRobots

Time is precious, and you shouldn’t waste your money. Having the field crew line the field leads to a higher operations budget. 

TinyMobileRobots gives the field crew more time to give you an excellent sports lawn in much shorter time. Additionally, when there’s bad weather outside, you can let the robot marker do its job without you worrying about getting wet; its waterproof exterior and strong traction tires allow for great results even in not-so-great weather.

Experience a more effective way to line a sports field with TinyMobileRobots today.