Robotic lawn mowers have made such a huge impact on people’s lawn care routines, time, and money spent. The battery of robotic mowers have let people cut back on the costs of fuel from their traditional lawn mowers. 

Despite this, we’ve heard it lots of times: “How long does the battery last on a robotic mower? It can’t be THAT long!”

If you’ve piped up about this, continue reading. By the end of this story, you’ll see that the battery life on a robotic mower is just fine, thank you very much … and actually kind of besides the point.

Updates and Improvements Being Made on robotic mower battery life

Many years ago, in the beginning times of robotic lawn mowers, owners relied on solar power for energy and manually turned the mower on and off. 

Several years and technological advances later, robot mowers have been given a wide array of features to simplify — and strengthen — the mowing process. 

One of the best features is Bluetooth technology, a feature that allows users to control the mower right from their smartphone or smart home device.

For sports turf managers, municipalities, and campus managers, mowing big fields with precision is getting easier in 2023 with awesome features like those offered by CEORA.

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Make no mistake, modern day robotic lawn mowers can go the distance. But if there was any doubt in your mind, here’s a shortlist of some of our tried-and-true robotic lawn mowers with super strong battery life.

Best Machines for the Longest Battery Life

Here are our top picks for the best robot mowers with great battery life or run time.

Price: Ambrogio Twenty Deluxe

Starting at $1,325, this mower gives you two hours of performance before needing to be charged again. Many mowers around this price only run for an hour and some minutes at most.

Additionally, you get:

  • 24-degree max slope level
  • Programming to work in four different lawn zones
  • Low noise level

Check out the Twenty Deluxe here.

Features: Husqvarna Automower 430X

Not only does this mower have a one-hour charge time versus a two-hour run time, but it also comes with a great deal of useful features such as:

  • GPS-assisted lawn mapping
  • Smartphone control
  • PIN and alarm for security

Check out the Automower 430X here.

Battery Life or Run Time: Manmotion Luba AWD 3000 (New for ‘23)

If you have a lot of lawn to cover, this will be a great choice for you. This mower has a three-hour run time, which means you can guarantee your whole lawn will get covered easily.

You also get specs like:

  • 33-degree max slope
  • Smartphone control
  • Four powerful dual-pivoting blades with safety sensors

Check out the Luba AWD 3000 here.

How Batteries Work on Robotic Lawn Mowers

Not every robot mower uses the same battery. Some use Li-ion, some use Li-ironphosphate, and other mowers use other battery types. Therefore, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer to how long batteries last for

The robot mower’s battery lifespan is by charging cycles normally. And depending on the region and season you’re in, those cycles could occur more or less frequently. 

You can expect a battery to last around four to six years upon regular use before needing replacement. Should you come across a defect, the manufacturer or seller warranty lets you get a replacement so you can get more out of your mower longer. 

The batteries will need replacing sooner if:

  • The robot mower is used more often
  • The robot mower is used in extreme weather conditions
  • The battery discharges or is overcharged too often

Tips to Maximize Battery Life

To get the most out of your battery, apply these tips:

  • Mow parts of the lawn where grass grows more slowly less often
  • Check the weather and make sure it’s not heavy rain or scorching heat
  • Pick a mower that has a larger acre coverage than you need for your lawn
  • Frequently clean and regularly change blades so they don’t have to put more effort into cutting the grass

Make the Most Out of Your Robotic Mower’s Battery

If you take good care of your mower (regular maintenance, cleaning, etc.), then you’ll see great results for years to come. Reach out to the Autmow team to help find the perfect robotic mower for your lawn today.