One of the most common misconceptions about robotic mowers is that they cannot go the distance. Meaning, that robotic mowers are ideal for people with small lawns but aren’t a feasible option for customers with lawns over an acre. However, as the robotic technology gets better and better over time, size and distance are becoming less and less of an obstacle, and the Echo Turn Mower is proof of this.

Echo Robotics is a worldwide leader in professional-grade outdoor power equipment and has been fulfilling customer needs for over 40 years. Their ground-breaking robotic mower aims to move sports-turf and other large space mowing management into a new era with robotics. So, just how far can these mowers go?

More Than Just a Distance Mower

Yes – it’s true that the number one selling point of the Echo Turf mower is its ability to cut up to 6 acres. In fact, these robotic mowers can mow for 2 hours straight before having to return home for a charge. This means that more work gets done and more area is covered between every charge.

However, the features do not stop with just the distance. Smart-phone control allows users to change settings and track the mower’s progress throughout the mowing process to keep an eye on any unforeseen issues. Rain sensors help the mower avoid cutting your grass when it’s wet, and no-growth sensors help the mower avoid cutting grass that has had limited growth since the last mowing job was completed. Both of these features help your mower cut your grass in the most ideal manner possible. In addition, if the robot is too far away for you to see with your naked eye (6 acres is a long way after all), an alarm, a PIN code, and GPS tracking system keeps the mower safe the whole distance. These security measures provide the owners the peace of mind in knowing that their mower will complete the job safe and sound.

Fleet-Capable for Even More Coverage

If one 6-acre cutting robot is not enough for your needs, there is good news for you. Echo’s Turf Mowers are fleet-capable, meaning that you can monitor and maintain multiple mowers running side-by-side. Specialized fleet software allows users to adjust as many units as is necessary from your phone, tablet, or computer. This makes getting the job done even easier and more time efficient. Potentially, this means that for an 18-acre lot, only 3 robotic mowers would be needed to maintain the entire property in a single day.

So how far can you go with Echo Turf Mowers? The distance is endless because of their ability to work in a fleet! Plus, if managing a whole fleet of robots seems out of your reach, Autmow can help. Autmow is North America’s first, largest, and fastest growing network of robotic lawn and turf-care specialists. They provide the world’s top-rated robotic lawn mowers and a team of experts to help customers every step of their robotic mower journey.

Ensure that your autonomous lawn mower experience is easy, efficient, and affordable by contacting your local Autmow specialist today!