There’s a new bundle of joy in the neighborhood. Introducing Honda’s new Grass Miimo. Your perfect companion for lazy Saturday afternoons. 

Whose spending their weekend worrying about their lawn? Not you! The new Honda Grass Miimo makes lawn care so simple. 

There are so many ways this amazing robot can simplify your life. Get to know the new mower in the family.

​Great for LARGE lawns

You loved your big yard. That was until you had to mow it.   

But now you can resume that love affair. The Grass Miimo was built for endurance. It seriously doesn’t get tired. 

And this robot has your large lawn covered. Just sit back with a beer and relax. Because the Grass Miimo will have your large lawn looking amazing in no time.

Easy to set boundaries

Your robot mower isn’t needy. And it doesn’t nag, or constantly fight for your attention. Let’s just call in low maintenance.

You can set up boundaries and let it go. And it will just do its thing. The Honda Grass Miimo couldn’t be any more low key. 

And the great thing is that setting the boundaries is easy. You set up the wire, and relax.

Handles difficult terrain

Any robot that meets your lawn better be prepared to work. And the great thing is that the Grass Miimo can tackle your lawn’s challenges.

Got a big hill? No worries. Your robot can scale hills up to a 25 degree incline. You might have to huff and puff to get up that hill. But your robot will be totally chill. 

So bring on the hilly lawn. Your robotic lawn mower won’t even blink an eye. (Well, he doesn’t actually have eyes anyway!)

Grass cutting ninja

Has your grass grown so long, you can barely see over the blades? Your robot won’t judge you for your lawn gone wild. 

This mower easily adapts to the length of your blade. And no, it won’t quite cut grass at eye level. But it will handle blades up to 4 inches off the ground!

How many robot mowers can say that?

Easy charging

You might worry about your mower getting and keeping a proper charge. But the Grass Miimo has that covered too. 

Your mower will make its way back to the dock when it is out of charge. And if there’s still work to do, it will go back out once done.

The charging station is so easy. And there’s no hooks or plugs needed. 

Simple to schedule

The Grass Miimo has easy programming and a convenient app. Just set up your mowing schedule and forget about it. Your robot has it covered. 

And what if you want to make a last second change? That’s no problem either. Your robot is so simple to program that you can make a change anytime you see a dark cloud. All from the comfort of your couch.

This sounds great. Where do I get a Honda Grass Miimo?

Here’s the bad news. It’s not in the United States….YET. But the party has started in Europe. Go get one in Europe now!

Don’t worry if you live on the wrong side of the pond. Europeans can’t have all the fun forever. It will hopefully be in the US soon. 

And good things come to those who wait. 

The Honda Grass Miimo is definitely the hot new item.  It transforms lawn care from a dreaded chore, to something you’ll rarely bother to consider

Now you’ll be scheduling your own nap time instead of mow time. You won’t get nagged or scolded though. Because your new Honda Grass Miimo will make you look like you have it all under control!