The leaves are turning yellow, red, and orange. The temperatures are dropping. And your autonomous mower is getting ready to take its much deserved winter vacation.

But before you close down shop, it’s time to get your yard ready for next season. Your beautiful and healthy lawn next year depends on the love and care you give it now.

So whip out your autumn lawn checklist. Don’t have one? Not to worry. 

We’ve got the best autumn lawn checklist. It’s so good, we’ll help your lawn get picture perfect next year. 

Test for PH of lawn

This is a step that is so easily overlooked. But its vital to your lawn health. It will help your grass grow healthier and make it more resistant to disease. 

The best way to go about this is get the assistance of an expert. They’ll evaluate your pH and tell you what additives you need to correct any problems. 

The north east usually requires lyme as an additive. The south will most likely require sulfur. And the good news is these are economical fixes that improve lawn health and are much cheaper than fertilizer. 


Here’s something you might not know. It’s easy to over-fertilize your lawn.

In fact, you should only be fertilizing two or three times a year. 

And here’s another interesting tidbit: Fall is the best time to fertilize. Fall fertilizer stimulates root growth. And then you’ll really see the fruits of your labor next spring. 

Seed your lawn

Fall is a great time to plant grass seeds for the spring. This can help you get back your lush green grass for the new season.

Overseeding is perfect for areas that are bare. Or where you think your lawn could be more lush. And fall is the perfect season to do this as the ground is warm, but the nights are cool.

But don’t expect to just dump grass seeds on your lawn. It’s important to dig up a bit of the soil. Try renting a slit seeder to get the seeds deep enough in the soil that they take root and grow.

Keep cutting your grass, but keep it higher

Fall isn’t the time to put your robot mower into storage. There’s still work to be done. But you might want to adjust the way you cut your grass. 

You don’t want to over-water. That means watering no more than 2 to 3 times a week. But when you water, you want the water to go deeper into the roots so that your grass will be healthy and lush. 

However, you may want to adjust your settings to allow the grass to grow higher. That will allow your blades to go deeper. And that’s where there’s more water. 

Get weeds under control

Your lawn is going to be hidden under a pile of snow all winter. Why should you care about weed control? 

A little work now can mean a much easier time come spring. You might not see your grass for months. But that doesn’t mean that future problems aren’t brewing.

In fact, autumn is a big time for weeds like dandelions to grow. So lay down some pre-emergent weed control now. And that way you can stop your yard from becoming a safe space for weeds to bloom later. 

Keep watering

You might not think that your lawn needs watering when there is more dew. But keeping your lawn on a regular schedule is still vital to your lawn’s health. 

The morning dew may make your lawn look wet. But it might not make its way all the way down to the roots. And watering your roots is one of the most important steps to a healthy and happy lawn.

So keep that watering schedule regular for now. And keep your grass healthy for the spring.

Clean and maintain your mower

As your mowing season winds down, there’s a final step you want to make sure not to forget. And that’s cleaning and performing any needed maintenance before putting your mower into winter storage. 

Clean the top and the underside with a damp cloth. Make sure to remove any debris that’s lodged in the blades. And consider sending your robot mower for a professional cleaning from the dealer. 

And if you’ve procrastinated doing any regular maintenance, there’s no day like today. One of the main considerations is whether its time to get your mower ready with a new set of blades.

Your autumn lawn checklist complete

Autumn lawn care can be a snap. With a little planning, and your trusted robot mower, you can keep your lawn healthy today. And prepare it for a lush and beautiful tomorrow.