The leaves are turning red, orange, and yellow. It’s official: Autumn has arrived.

So, what do you do with the leaves that have scattered across your lawn?

The best choice might seem to be grabbing your rake and getting to work.

But not so fast. 

There may be a better option. One that saves you from raking autumn leaves, while improving your lawn’s health. 

Can you REALLY skip raking?

Reality check. You 100% can. You can make your lawn healthy and put away your rake.

But you have to do it the right way. That’s the trick.

Don’t wait until there are so many leaves on the ground, you can’t even see a patch of grass. Because that’s not good for your lawn.

When you have that many leaves on the ground, your lawn is suffocating. Plus it can encourage mold to grow.

But you can forgo the rake if you don’t let it get out of hand. When you have leaves on the ground, but you can also still see patches of your lawn.

How can not raking be good for your lawn?

If something seems too good to be true, well buyer beware. Am I right?

But not removing the leaves actually makes a lot of sense. Because there’s something that you already scatter on top of your lawn to improve its health: mulch.

Mulch is dispersed as a top layer over your lawn’s soil. And it improves the lawn’s moisture and reduces the need for weeding.

Oh, and your lawn will look nicer too 

Scattered leaves can become nourishing mulch if you time it right.

So, instead of spending an afternoon spreading mulch onto your lawn, let the trees take over the job.

The leaves will scatter over the ground. Just like mulch. And there’s not much more to do.

Just let your robot mower loose. Your robot will mow like normal. And the leaves will help mulch the soil and make it healthier. 

There’s even science backing this up

The scientists at Michigan State University decided this was an important issue. So much so, they decided to actually study the effects of leaves as mulch for grass.

And they found that the theory was true. That the areas of lawn with mulched leaves were actually healthier than the areas that didn’t have mulched leaves. 

Science: 1/ Raking: 0

And the great news was that lawns became healthier the longer that leaves continued to be a source of mulch.

Results get even better with time

That’s right. The more time you mulch your yard with fallen leaves, the better the results.

It’s not like you won’t see immediate improvement. You will. But with time, you’ll see even MORE improvement.

As the years pass, you’ll see a lawn that is nourished, flourishing, and lacking in weeds.

As soon as spring hits, your lawn will become greener and healthier. And you won’t need nearly as much fertilizer. 

When is the best time to mulch with fallen leaves?

Timing is vital here. Again, you don’t want to wait until so many leaves have hit the ground, you can’t see a spot of green.

At that point, it’s too late.

Wait until leaves are scattered. Now mow the leaves into small pieces. They should be about a half inch in diameter. And you should still be able to see some green underneath. 

And then just leave them covering the soil. By spring they should be gone. And your grass will be healthy and well fed. 

Raking is a thing of the past

There is no time for raking. You’ve got a life to live.

But remember, you can’t just abandon the leaves on your grass. You must mow them to turn them into mulch. 

This is what helps feed your lawn so it becomes healthy and green. 

What will happen if you leave non-mulched leaves on the ground all winter? Your lawn will be a smothered, unhealthy mess come spring. 

You’ll have mold, crabgrass, and worse. So just make sure to bring out your mower. 

Now you know you can mow right over those leaves. And you’ll actually get rewarded for taking a short cut. 

Now if you could get your robot mower to take out the garbage too!