The intrigue of a robot lawn mower is real. But then you hear some things that get you nervous. Are these myths, or the truth? 

You might be getting all of your information from your Great Uncle Joe’s third cousin. But you have to realize that he says some crazy things. 

Robot lawn mowers are technology of the future. And change can seem a little untrustworthy at first. But that shouldn’t stop you from considering getting an autonomous lawn mower.

People Have strong responses to autonomous lawn mowers.

We’ve seen it again and again: we introduce a robotic lawn mower to someone, and they have one of these reactions:

  1. they laugh, saying how silly these little robots are
  2. they scoff, saying “how lazy do you have to be?”

But here’s the thing. Everyone who eventually comes around and gets an autonomous lawn mower of their own ends up seeing clear benefits in less than a week.

Robot lawn mowers make your life easy. 

No more breaking your back on Saturday afternoon. No more overgrowth when it’s rained for a week straight. And no more trying to stand strategically in front of your yard to block your unmanicured lawn from your neighbors.

But when something seems easy, you’re always looking for a catch.

This is probably tied into your survival instinct. In nature, you have to look at everything new with skepticism or you’ll end up eating that poison berry. (But it looked so good!)

So your wary nature has good intentions. But believing these myths about robot mowers is getting in your way of a beautiful, healthy, effortless lawn.

So we’re going to go over some of the most common myths about robot lawn mowers. And we’ll discuss why they’re just not true.

“Autonomous lawn mowers make me look lazy.”

As Bill Gates famously said, “I will always choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.”

And look — at the end of the day — a shabby, yellowing, patchy lawn is the surefire way to ACTUALLY make you look lazy. Nobody looks lazy with a beautifully green, lush lawn.

Furthermore, when you’re spinning your wheels trying to keep up with yard work, you fall behind in other areas. 

Maybe you have less time to play ball with the kids. Or perhaps you want to get the paperwork together for your mortgage refinance. 

You’re the CEO of your home. Think like a boss. Outsource menial labor. And now  use your energy where it’s really needed. 

“autonomous lawn mowers are too expensive.”

When people first discover robotic mowers, one of the first things they ask is “How hard will this hit my wallet?”

And here’s the thing: many robotic lawn mowers DO cost thousands. But this isn’t always the case. There are many budget friendly mowers from $500 and up. 

The challenges of your yard determine the complexity of your machine. But if you have a simple yard, you may do very well with a lower end mower. 

Additionally, the price comes with value. Something that you can’t buy more of is time.

A robot mower is a way to purchase more hours, by freeing up one of your most time consuming activities. And what is that worth to you? 

So your robot mower might not be that expensive afterall. 

“Autonomous mowers don’t work as well as traditional lawn mowers.”

Hold on there a moment, buckaroo. You might be the master of your yard, but your robot lawn mower has got some pretty good game. 

Technology allows your robot to independently handle complex situations. From an app in your phone, you can fully control your mower. 

Set up your desired blade length, determine mowing boundaries, and more.

Robot mowers are smart technology. And they are designed for more than simply cutting grass. They allow you to have a uniformly manicured and cleanly cut lawn. All without having to push the mower yourself. 

And they’re safe too. They know what to steer away from obstacles or little hands. Plus, they’ll stop the blades if someone lifts them. 

And now you see. People who say robot mowers can’t work well are just buying into the myths. 

“robotic lawn mowers are just a fad.”

You thought you were done with fads when you stopped buying up Beanie Babies in the 90s. So the idea of falling trap to another flash in the pan makes you cringe. 

But don’t worry. Your robot mower won’t go out of style like your Furby. And here’s why. 

First, robot lawn mowers aren’t new. In fact, the first commercial robot lawn mower came about in 1969. They’re more accessible now because of technology. So you get the phenomenal and affordable robots of today. 

Second, they are steadily gaining in popularity because they make life easier. Convenience equals longevity. Trust us. If Tickle Me Elmo could mow your lawn, he’d still be around too. 

And finally, the more time wears on, the stronger the robotic lawn care technology is going to get. If anything, autonomous lawn mowers are the way of the future — not just a passing fad.

“autonomous lawn mowers get stolen.”

You worry that getting the hot new mower will make you a target for theft. But today’s robot mowers defy those myths. 

They are designed to make them very difficult to steal. So while the bad guys might want to adopt your mower, they won’t get it. 

For instance, many robot mowers need a pin for activation. Don’t know the pin? Then you can’t move the mower. And the mower will lock after a few wrong attempts.

Plus, the majority of mowers come with GPS. This feature lets you track your mower from anywhere. So if your robot leaves without your permission, you can track him and find him. Don’t you wish you had this for your teenagers? 

“autonomous mowers can’t go over hills or uneven terrain.”

If you think robot mowers are just for those with flat yards, then you’ve got it all wrong. The modern robot mower can handle difficult yards brilliantly.

Here’s the thing. You’ve got to get the right mower for your lawn’s challenges.

Sure there are mowers that are best for flat yards with even terrain. If you’ve got a lawn with challenges, those robot mowers aren’t for you. Steer clear.

So read up on your favorite mower before you whip out that credit card. Make sure to honestly access your lawn. And get a mower built for your yard’s terrain.

As long as you do that, hills and uneven terrain won’t be  problems. 

“autonomous mowers are best for small yards.”

We’ll let you in on a secret. Lean in because this is a good one. 

Robot mowers are built for large lawns. Well, not all of them. But many.

It’s just like the hills issue. It’s up to you to get the guidance and support of Autmow professionals before you purchase, so we can help you decide on the perfect mower. With so many models to choose from, you don’t necessarily want to go with the first one that strikes your fancy.

Some mowers are truly best for small lawns. But that’s fine. Because many other options exist for those with large lawns. These are robot mowers built with stamina and a long battery life. 

No more myths

Now you know better than to fall for the most common myths that surround autonomous lawn mowers — because no matter what newer technologies shape our lives, there’s always a measure of healthy skepticism about it. Just make sure that skepticism doesn’t get in the way of you living a better life — and enjoying a healthier, happier lawn.

Want to learn more about whether an autonomous lawn mower is right for you? Schedule a free demo from Autmow today to learn more about how these amazing machines can help you enjoy a healthier lawn.