Robot lawn mowers look really cool zipping up and down your lawn. They scream technology of the future. And owning one is surely a great conversation topic at parties. But here’s the million-dollar question: can you actually rely on them to do a good job on your lawn?

After years of researching the best robotic lawn mower brands and models, we can confidently say that the right robotic lawn mower can do a much better job than a traditional lawn mower. They are built with technology that helps them handle the most challenging lawn terrains, and they help contribute to the health of the grass. 

If you care about the health and appearance of your lawn, getting a robotic lawn mower is a great move. Here’s why an autonomous mower may be right for you, so you can get lawn mowing down to a science.

A healthier, better-looking lawn

Your lawn can’t look good if it’s not healthy, and since robotic lawn mowers cut evenly, consistently, and leave micro-grass trimming behind to fertilize the lawn, you get a winning combination of health and efficiency that leads to a beautiful lawn that out-shines its neighbors. 

Furthermore, many models allow you to pinpoint your desired blade length (which depends on the length of the grass) and they navigate conditions like rain, to ensure you never do damage to your grass. 

And finally, regular care becomes easier when you can control its schedule conveniently from your smart phone app (on certain models). This ensures a more consistent care routine, which makes for a happier, healthier lawn that looks great. 

Bumpy, tough, hilly terrain is no problem. 

Most people’s lawns don’t resemble a football field. A good robot mower isn’t one that just performs on flat land. It needs to handle uneven terrain: bumps, holes, hills, lumps, sticks… whatever happens on the normal lawn.

Many models are able to adjust their blade height to accommodate the terrain, so the robot doesn’t get stuck. 

They can handle obstacles

You might think you’ll need to babysit your robotic mower to keep it from running over your flower bed, or the ball your kid left in the yard. But that’s simply not the case. Autonomous mowers can see — or sense — obstacles in their way, and stop, back up, and make their way around the obstacle.

Many autonomous mower brands operate with a perimeter wire — or boundary wire — that guides the robot around flower beds, gardens, trees, and walkways. But others use sonar or sensor technology to simply avoid obstacles altogether. 

​They cut edges perfectly

You want the perimeter of your lawn to look just as good as the rest. So you might worry that your mower will do an imperfect job with the edges. Who wants strips of grass that are higher and look uneven?

The good thing is that your robot mower can mow all the way to the edge of your lawn, just like you do. Your whole yard will look perfect.

​And what if it has to cut around a challenging or odd shaped obstacle? You can always use an edge trimmer to quickly clean up.

They’re theft proof

Never fear. You don’t have to worry about your robot wandering off in the night with a stranger.

First, robot mowers come with anti-theft alarms. That way they alert you and your neighbors if anyone tries to move them. And, many models shut off when picked up, and won’t work again until a special code is keyed into their computer or app. 

Second, they’re built with GPS. That way you know where your robot is at all times. You can even track it from the app on your phone. Meaning you’ll be able to find your mower wherever it goes. 

​They’re weather proof

Autonomous mowers are up for the test when it comes to bad weather. They’re waterproof. And while mowing in the rain with an old fashioned mower might damage your grass, robot mowers are designed to adjust for the challenge. 

Plus, you always have the option of benching your robot in bad weather. The convenient app lets you adjust your mower’s schedule from anywhere. Just send it back to the dock from your phone. You always have control, even in the case of a surprise rain storm. (And, many models can sense rain, and decide to head for the garage until the sun comes out again.)

So does a robot mower really cut it? ​

Autonomous mowers aren’t just monster Roombas, wandering aimlessly through your yard and bouncing off your mailbox to change direction. They also don’t get stuck every time there’s a change in terrain.

Robot mowers are built for real lawns and different obstacles. There are a multitude of models, designed for almost any lawn’s specific needs. Get a robot mower and breathe easy that you’re making a worthwhile investment. 

To learn more about which robotic lawn mower might be right for your lawn, you can have us look at your lawn and answer any of your questions before you buy. Click here to learn more about our 60-day money back guarantee.