It might be fine for some people to have dead patches of grass in their yard — other folks who aren’t dedicated to their lawns like you.  But you put love and care into your lawn. And those dead patches of grass are not part of the plan.

It’s autumn, and everyone’s obsessed with pumpkin-spice everything. But you’ve got other things on the brain, mainly, how to make sure your lawn stays healthy and green all the way through next spring. 

But there’s something bothering you… 

Today we’re talking about those pesky dead patches on your lawn. 

Whether caused by your dog, incorrect mowing habits, or a nutrient deficiency, we’ll help you make the grass greener again. We’ll also show you how a robot mower can make your lawn healthier — so you can say “sayonara” to dead patches.

Tip #1: Water at the right time

prevent dead grass by watering properly.

You’re a lawn master. You don’t need to be told about watering your lawn. But did you know that your dead patches might be the result of not watering it correctly?

Basically, your lawn, like all plants, need to ‘cycle’ their water intake. 

Water the lawn first thing in the morning. Why? If you wait to water in the afternoon, the water droplets on the grass blades run the risk of causing sun damage. 

Water too late in the evening, and your lawn will likely stay wet overnight. This encourages the growth of fungal spores which will further cause damage, dead patches, and a lawn maintenance headache. 

Tip #2: Keep grubs at bay

for a healthy lawn, keep grubs at bay.

Larvae beetles or chafers that infest your grass are grubs. And they can cause major damage to the health and look of your lawn. Prevent them before they hold your yard hostage. 

And look – here at Autmow, we’re all about being environmentally friendly, especially since we have kids and dogs rolling all over our lawns all the time. So, instead of dumping harsh chemicals on your lawn, might we suggest investing in some Milky Spore

Tip #3: Point a finger at Fido

dog pee can damage lawns.

Your dog has to relieve himself. The question is where. Because, if your dog is going all over your lawn, you’re likely to see damage. 

We love our dogs. They’re family, of course. Man’s best friend. Heck, some days you like him better than the rest of the family. But his urine is causing yellow marks and dead patches of grass. 

There are products that can help repair the damage. But the best option is for Fido to have a designated outdoor potty area. And that way he’s not using your entire beautiful yard as his toilet. 

Tip #4: Watch your chemicals

You diligently protect your lawn from pests. And you give it fertilizer so that it will stay healthy and grow.

But make sure you’re applying your chemicals correctly. Otherwise, you may see a good thing go very wrong. 

Things like pesticides and fertilizers are protective for your lawns in some ways. But at the end of the day, they’re chemicals.

​And incorrect use can cause serious damage, including dead patches of grass. 

So read the directions. And get advice if you’re not sure you’re using them right. 

Tip #5: Mow with a robotic lawn mower

robotic lawn mowers make for healthier lawns

Your eight year old self was right. Robots are the coolest thing ever. And a robot friend will make you super cool. At least when it comes to having the greenest lawn in the neighborhood. 

Cutting your lawn incorrectly can impact your lawn’s health. Bad mowers can tear your grass or cut it unevenly. And this isn’t just a problem with aesthetics. This can make your lawn unhealthy. Queue your new robot friend. 

Autonomous lawn mowers are the gold standard for a healthy lawn. They help cut your lawn more evenly. And keeping your grass cut all at the same height is great for helping it grow consistently. 

​(Plus, the trimmings provide nitrogen and help mulch the ground so it keeps it’s moisture!)  

You’ve been struggling with dead patches of grass. Your autonomous lawn mower is the secret tool that can finally change that story. It will give you a beautiful lawn without dead patches. One that will keep your neighbors peeking over your fence for years. 
Contact Autmow today to see which autonomous mower is right for you!