Are you searching for a good quality robotic mower for small lawns? We understand that investing in a regular-sized push mower seems inefficient. You’d have to make so many turnarounds since you don’t have much space to work with. 

But that’s where small robotic lawn mowers step in. These mowers are compact in size, consistently keep your grass leveled, and can handle the lawn at many different angles. 

As great as it sounds, we understand that you might not know what robot mower to pick from the wide array of options. So today, we’ll share with you our picks for the best robotic lawn mowers for small lawns in 2023.

Why Robotic Mowers are Perfect for Small Lawns

Image by Erik Mclean
Robotic mowers work for small lawns like this

Wireless Features

Some of the more popular traditional lawn mowers are built with the average-sized lawn in mind. They’re typically pretty wide to cover more ground and are generally meant to tackle lawn sizes around half an acre large. 

Clearly, that won’t work for a yard that’s around the size of half a tennis court. As wide as many mowers are, that’s already not much space to work with. The average traditional mower could be as wide as 33 inches. 

The yard is already cramped as it is. Why feel more congested with a lawn mower that doesn’t complement the yard space? Investing in a robotic mower will save you plenty of time and money in the long run, and headaches.

Gain your time back

You’ll save time because these devices do all the hard work for you. The most you’d have to do is set up the perimeter —which we can happily do for you if you don’t want to!– and the dock. The mower would just need to run a few times to map the yard. 

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After that, you can connect it to your phone so you can monitor its progress while you spend your time doing other household tasks.

Easier maintenance

Compared to traditional gas-powered mowers, it’s actually cheaper to “fuel” a robot mower. Since they’re battery powered, you can say goodbye to gas –and their soaring prices– and hello to healthier air.

Electricity power is cleaner for your home’s air quality and it’s significantly cheaper to recharge compared to refueling. The downside is that the upfront cost of a robot mower will be noticeably more than a traditional mower. But as time passes, you’ll see that the robot mower will pay for itself.

The hassles of lawn care are significantly lower as well. You no longer have to manually operate a big mower in such a little space. That means no awkward turns and weird pushing angles (if your small lawn isn’t flat). Many robot mowers handle slopes with at least a 10-degree angle. And it detects where it has and hasn’t already mowed so that the whole lawn gets an even cut.

What to Look for in a Robotic Mower for Small Lawns

Before beginning the search for your upgraded lawn care tool, look out for these essential features:

Wireless Features

The selling point of a robotic lawn mower is convenience. One of the ways that it offers convenience is the use of wireless features. 

For example, most robotic lawn mowers have Bluetooth connectivity or can be synced with a smartphone app. This feature essentially allows you to control your mower from a decent distance. 

When reading the features of a mower, look for wireless features like:

  • Scheduling: you set when you do and don’t want the mower to operate
  • Alarm control: remotely turn on or off the alarm, set the alarm code, etc
  • Monitoring: be able to see where the lawn has or hasn’t been mowed, command it to stop or pause whenever the weather looks like it might not be ideal

Battery Life

The best robotic mowers for small lawns need the best battery life for your lawn size. You don’t want the mower to run out of juice while there’s still plenty of lawn left to be mowed. 

A safe run time to look for is 45 minutes. Make sure the run time is paired with a good charge time. Many mowers take less than an hour and a half to get to a full charge. 

A lower charge time with a higher run time makes for a great battery performance for a robot mower.

Sensors and Traction

A good robot mower should tackle the yard even in less than ideal conditions. What less than ideal conditions are we talking about? Rainy days, dips in the ground, and overall uneven grass terrain. 

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The wheels of the mower need to have a good grip of the ground regardless if it’s wet or not. It should also handle slopes of at least 20%. 

While the mower does its job, the sensors need to tell it when to move or stop when something is in its path. Because you might have children who leave toys in the yard, a pet who likes to collect things, or even a tree or garden, the mower should sense those items and alter direction accordingly. 

Cutting Height and Features

One of the reasons robotic mowers are a better tool for a healthy lawn is because traditional mowers cut close to the ground and pull the grass trimmings. That could do harm to the soil. It also collects the trimmings in the bag.

Robot mowers don’t pull the grass. Instead, they cut the tops of grass blades. That way, the grass and the soil don’t get damaged during the mowing. And the trimmings end up as a natural fertilizer for the soil.

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Some mowers have a feature that specifically targets irregularly growing patches of grass on the lawns to ensure that the entire lawn is cut evenly.

The Perfect Brand of robotic mowers for Small Lawns: Gardena Sileno Series

Our pick for the best robotic mowers for small lawns
Gardena Sileno Lineup

Let’s help you save a few steps in your search for a fantastic robotic lawn mower. If there’s one brand that’ll give you exactly what your small lawn needs, it’s the Sileno lineup by Gardena

The company began over 60 years ago, desiring to give gardeners the best gardening equipment. Their focus was to make lawn care convenient and simple. And they’ve done so with wireless tools and water-conserving irrigation systems. Once 2012 came, that’s when they rolled out their robotic lawn mowers. And they’ve been enhancing their mower equipment ever since. 

With the Sileno series, you get every feature that you should look for in a robot mower. More on this below.

What we Love About the Sileno Series

With all these fancy bells and whistles, you’re probably afraid of the price tag. The Sileno lineup has some of the best budget-friendly robotic lawn mowers you’ll ever find. You more than likely won’t spend more than $1,000 on any model except the Sileno Life 700.

For that price, you get a compact mower that offers good cutting height to combat any overgrown lawn, and great battery life to cover all of your lawn. See it in action here.

The best part: it basically moves in silence. Your neighbors won’t complain about you making too much noise when mowing your lawn. This lineup of mowers are the best in their class for low noise, sitting at 57 decibels. That means you get a spiffy lawn with peace and quiet. 

Owners of small lawns can’t go wrong with any Sileno robot mower. You get the best bang for your buck compared to other robot mowers on the market.

Ready to pick your robotic lawn mower for Your small Lawn?

We understand that there may still be some confusion about selecting a mower. Any questions you have, feel free to ask the experts at Autmow. We’ll gladly help you select the best robotic mower for your small lawn. And, if needed, we’ll get it up and running for you. Reach out to the Autmow team today!