In the years ahead, you’ll be seeing more robotic lawn mowers around town. And chances are, you’ll see a lot of the same make and model. Why? Because much like cars, the reliable, high performers end up being the fan favorites.

That’s why we’re providing the top five highest-rated autonomous lawn mowers in 2022… why we love ’em, and which model might be right for you.

This list factors in mower size, performance, and overall value. Keep reading to find the best fit for you. 

WORX WR150 Landroid L

Worx Landroid L

The Worx Landroid L is a value-packed autonomous lawn mower that offers good performance powered by a 20-volt battery. This lets it mow up to half an acre at full charge. Its nine-inch cutting blades allow the clippings to feed the soil, keeping the yard nice and healthy. 

You also don’t have to turn much maintenance on this robotic mower. Just a regular blade cleaning. Its tech features help you keep an eye on its overall status and performance.


  • Wide cutting height range: the cutting height is adjustable from 1.6 to 3.9 inches. That’s quite wider than many other robotic mowers’ cutting heights.
  • Rain sensor: if the Landroid L senses that a rainstorm is on the way, it makes its way back to the charging dock.
  • Convenient tech features: the software makes it easier for the mower to navigate tight spaces, connect to your phone using “Find my Landroid”, and dodge obstacles with its anti-collision. Plus, the software updates for you for an even easier experience.


  • Not usable in rain: because this mower isn’t waterproof, you can’t get any use of it when it rains. 
  • Not a “low” cutting height: while the cutting height range is great, the lowest height isn’t. Most mowers can mow much lower than 1.6 inches

Best for

If you live in a climate that doesn’t get much rain, don’t want your grass cut too low, and have a fairly large lawn, the Landroid L is for you. With its 3-year warranty, rest assured that you’ll get the maximum use out of this mower.

Prices begin at $1400.

Robomow RK1000


If you need something for a more uneven lawn, the Robomow RK series is a good fit. For smaller lawns, the RK1000 specifically is the choice for you. 

Its unique design is very simple. But it comes with plenty of features that you’ll appreciate. Some of them in particular include…


  • Good security: its anti-theft system lets you enter a four-digit passcode to operate. If someone tries to steal it, the alarm won’t stop until the passcode is entered. Plus, you can use its GPS system to find it. 
  • Multiple sensors: the RK1000 has obstacle sensors to help it navigate around them, and lift and tilt sensors that automatically stop the mower. This will keep your kids and pets safe if they get too close to the mower.
  • Nice maximum slope height: the uniquely designed tires let the RK1000 climb slopes up to 24 degrees.


  • Long charge time: the RK1000 is powered by a 2.8Ah battery that takes up to two hours to fully charge. Even at full charge, you only get up to an hour of performance.

Best for

If you live in an urban area with a small yard, this autonomous lawn mower will swiftly do the trick. It’s small to navigate smoothly, won’t make noise that bothers your neighbors, and safety is at the forefront of its design. 

Prices start at $1,200.

Husqvarna Automower 450X

Automower 450

For a flagship experience leaving your lawn looking excellent, the Automower 450X is the way to go.

This autonomous mower reverses, changes speed, and reroutes at the sight of any barrier or obstacle within the perimeter wires. With so many features, you can check on it without going outside to check it. 


  • GPS-assisted navigation: the GPS creates a map of the lawn within the perimeter wire and keeps track of where the 450X has and hasn’t already mowed. 
  • Headlights: you don’t have to only let the mower run during the day; it can run at night as well. The headlights let the mower see anything in front of it. Or it can flash whenever something is wrong with it.
  • Almost pure silence: you would need to get very close to it to hear any mowing. The Automower 450X is one of the quietest mowers on the market.
  • Tackles complex lawns with ease: the build of the 450X lets it handle uneven terrain, steep slopes up to 30 degrees, and sharp turns to avoid objects.


  • Perimeter wire setup: you have to lay out this before you can use the mower. This step is a major hassle unless you contact a team of experts to help with this.
  • More on the expensive side

Best for

If you have a large yard and want to feel secure that you’ll get a beautiful finish every time, the Automower 450X is the choice for you.

Prices start at $3,300.

Husqvarna Automower 315

Automower 315

Another great choice in the Automower lineup is the 315 series. This sleek-designed mower offers the basics you need with plenty of bonus features to add to your convenience. Once you use this a few times, it adapts to the cutting schedule, saving you even more time.


  • Google Maps utilization: by using the app, you can see where the mower has mowed over, where it currently is, and its location in the event of theft.
  • Spot cutting: you can program this to mow one specific area on the lawn, like a spot that was covered by furniture during the last mowing.


  • No rain sensor: it works in the rain but it may not cut at its best if the blades are covered in wet grass trimmings.
  • Weak against the cold: it may underperform or not mow at all in very low temperatures

Best for

The Automower 315 handles medium to slightly large lawns. With its strong wheel system, it works for those with less than perfect lawns and who want mostly silent performance.

Prices start at $1,800.

Gardena Sileno City

Sileno City 250

The Sileno emphasizes simplicity: simple design, simple yet useful features, and simple operations. Built for urban lawns, this autonomous lawn mower quietly breezes through your lawn. With the bonus boundary wire, you can keep the mower away from certain sections of your lawn.


  • Tackles weather and terrain: it mows rain or shine and on tricky lawns up to 35% slopes
  • Budget-friendly: it’s rare to find a mower on the market that isn’t well over $1,500
  • Easy to clean: just spray the grass blades underneath clean with a hose and you’re good to go


  • Lacks collision detection: you’ll need to move objects from the lawn before starting this mower up.

Best for

If you have a small lawn, a mower with excessive features may not appeal to you because of the possible price tag. The Sileno City gives your small lawn a great look at a great, budget-friendly price. 

Prices start at $800 for the smaller model.