autumn lawn maintenance for a beautiful lawn

If you want your green lawn to dominate the block next year, you’re going to have to put in some work this fall

You’ve heard it before — anything worth having requires work and dedication.

So if you think an emerald carpet of lush grass is worth having next season, put down that spiked apple cider and listen up. 
Because if you want your green lawn to dominate the block next year, you’re going to have to put in some work this fall in between camp fires and pumpkin carvings.  

It’ll pay off — homeowners and landscapers who understand that fall is the perfect time for some essential lawn maintenance end up with envy-worthy lawns. Here’s how to get ahead this fall:  

1.  Fertilize Your Lawn and Garden Beds ​

Autumn is here, which means it’s time to fertilize the lawn.

After a long and happy growing season, the morning dew provides moisture and helps the grass absorb nutrients.  
Especially if you live in a dry area, be sure to water the lawn before fertilizing.

According to Family Handyman, ” If your lawn fertilizer schedule is once per year, apply it around Labor Day. That’s when your lawn is the hungriest and when it will respond best to the nutrients it receives. Fertilizing at this time will help replenish food reserves after a long, stressful year of growing and before the harshness of winter sets in.” Roger that. 

 2. Overseed Any Thin Spots on Your Lawn ​

Got some yellow spots driving you crazy?

For a full, lush lawn next spring, the fall is the best time to overseed the thin spots where your grass is sparse. You’ll need to do this around 45 days before the first frost so that the grass can get established before the cold winter.. 

3.  Rake or Blow Your Leaves and Compost Them 

rake and compost your leaves this fall for a healthy lawn

Don’t “leave” your leaves on the ground to cover your grass. Your grass is still alive and kickin’ underneath all those leaves and it still needs air and sunlight.  

Why this is such a no-no: A thick layer of leaves over your grass can promote diseases and encourage pests. Although it may be your least favorite chore of the season, it’s critical to a beautiful lawn in the spring.  

(Perhaps you can find a teenager looking for some extra gas money? Our suggestion is to bribe the neighborhood kids.) 

 4. Get Your Pests Under Control ​

Grubs! Bagworms! Slugs! Oh my!  

This fall, be sure to get those lawn invaders handled.

If you’re noticing birds feeding in your lawn, chewed up foliage, or yellow spots on your garden veggies, it’s probably time to grab the insect killer. 

5.  Tidy Up and Perform Necessary Maintenance ​

While you’re busy tending to your summer garden, your general cleaning, maintenance, and repair often gets put to the wayside. Here’s a few examples:

  1. Take a look at your landscape and lawn structures to see if anything needs some attention.
  2. Check out the timbers of raised beds and the pavers around your flower beds to ensure they are in tip-top shape.
  3. If you have a shed where you store your supplies, then check for leaks, add that new shelf you have been meaning to put in to organize your supplies, give the floor a good sweeping, and check for bugs.
  4. Clean out and organize all of your planter pots and discard any that are too damaged to use.

Perform any necessary maintenance to your lawn tools and equipment.

6. Don’t Stop Now – Keep on Mowing Your Grass

Don’t stop mowing your lawn just because it’s not growing as fast. You can change your mowing schedule to be growth-based instead of time-based, but make sure you continue to keep the grass length in check. You can mow your grass a little shorter closer to winter so that it doesn’t get all matted up under the snow.

7. Consider choosing an  Autonomous lawn mower, which is healthier for your lawn  

the Honda Miimo is a robotic lawn mower that helps make your lawn healthier

An autonomous lawn mower is one of the best presents you can give your lawn (and yourself!). Here are a few of many reasons that gifting yourself and your lawn an autonomous lawn mower can improve your yard and give you back some precious time: 
You could spend all this time getting your lawn ready for winter, but you still won’t have the healthiest lawn possible if you don’t invest in an auto mower.

In fact, purchasing one of these autonomous robo mowers is one of the easiest ways to ensure a stress-free, no-hassle, healthy lawn.

Here’s why automowers are lawn health gold:  

  1. Since automowers are not affected by the rain, your lawn will get consistent care no matter the rainy weather.
  2. Since autonomous lawn mowers cut only a little grass at a time, the clippings will become natural fertilizer and promote a much healthier lawn.

Set it and forget it! Autonomous mowers allow your lawn to be maintained whether you are relaxing inside or vacationing at the beach. Click here to find the perfect autonomous lawn mower for your yard — whether you’re on hills, have to constantly countour around landscaping, or whatever your needs may be — a robot mower can handle it.