In today’s market, there are many autonomous mowers from which to choose. So why pick the Ambrogio?

Let’s go over everything the Ambrogio has to offer. In this review, we are focusing specifically on the 4.0 Elite High-Cut, which is ideal for medium-to-large lawns and clocks in at around $3,800.00. And see why this powerful machine can be a great home addition and a fabulous investment for a perfect lawn.

Let’s start with the look

Ambrogio 4.0 Elite Autonomous Lawn Mower

Yes, you appreciate your robot’s personality. But let’s admit it. Looks matter. 

We see a lot of people drawn to the Ambrogios because they have a more substantial look and feel than some other mowers out there … they don’t look as much like “toys” on the lawn. It’s more aggressive-looking than other machines on the market. In other words, the Ambrogio 4.0 Elite High-Cut looks built to work.

It has an exposed body, setting it apart from the other “plastic shell” models out there, and large rear wheels with rubber high traction knobby tires. And the model we tried had powered front swivel wheels and also has knobby tread.

A quick machine with solid navigation

When we tested out the Ambrogio 4.0 Elite High-Cut, we were impressed by its speed, efficiency, and its ability to navigate around obstacles with ease.

But the real win for this mower is how it handles hills and difficult terrain. Because let’s face it — any old mower can handle an easy, bump-free, flat yard.

So when we tested this mower, we got aggressive. How does it do on hills? Does it just sit on the sidelines when faced with difficult terrain?

And the good news is that the Ambrogio was up for any challenge. Just throw it an obstacle. Because this is a mower that likes to show off. 

Ambrogio 4.0 Elite Autonomous Lawn Mower

Is it simple to use?

You can control much of your mower’s function from your smartphone. All you need is to download and install the Ambrogio Remote App.

Via the app, you can set mow schedules, set cut height, tell your mower to stop or start, and track its location on your lawn. You can even tell it to focus on lawn areas that might be growing faster than others.

Plus, the Abrogio has all the modern features like GPS and bluetooth. Some models are even compatible with Alexa and other smart devices. 

How do you get the most out of your Ambrogio?

We thought this was a fabulous machine. But it’s not something that you can just unbox and push start.

We recommend you not skip these set-up tips. These will really determine your success with your mower. 

1.Follow this tip for perimeter wire set-up.

When you unleash your mower, it needs some direction of where to go.This isn’t a Roomba. And there aren’t any walls off of which to bounce. 

Perimeter wire is key to your mower correctly understanding its boundaries. And it’s also important for your robot getting back to the charging station.

Perimeter wire must be done correctly for proper function. 

If you get it too close to a wall or tree, it will have trouble getting back to the charging station. Just make sure the perimeter wire is exact with respect to the distances from walls or obstacles.  Need help with your install? Find a Certified Installer near you today.

2. The mower must be programmed before it cuts grass

The Husqvarna mowers do pretty good if you just toss them in a boundary and hit start. The Ambrogios operate a little differently.

You’ll need to take the time to set up your mower before it’s first use. 

Keep in mind that each area must be set up in relation to the distance from the charger. This means everything from the square footage to mow as well as schedule and times. 

Hey, but you only have to do this once. And then you get this amazing machine that can handle nearly any terrain and looks great while mowing. So take a few minutes to do it correctly. 

Areas for improvement

We found the charging station a bit difficult to use. No, this isn’t a deal breaker. But it’s still important to note that at times, the mower struggled to line up perfectly with the charging station. It look some tweaking and leveling, but once we got the adjustments and settings just right, it lined up much better, but it did take some work.

Final thoughts

The Ambrogio is a great line of mowers. And we predict a sales edge over other brands due to the more substantial feel and look, great build quality, and iron-clad ability to handle rough and hilly terrain.

So should you consider the Ambrogio as the new addition to your grass cutting robot family?

Absolutely. Click here to find your perfect Ambrogio Robotic Mower.