Nobody expects to see landscapers again until spring. But that doesn’t mean the work is over.

Winter can seem like a long vacation to landscapers. At least for those who can afford to take a three month vacation without any pay. You didn’t want to actually eat, did you? 

Sure — this winter you’ll get lots of administrative stuff done in your business, and you’ll be better for it come spring. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still use this winter as an opportunity to grow your business. 

So make this winter different. There are lots of creative ways that landscaping companies can use their skills as money makers in winter. So try some of these methods to keep your finances from freezing this winter. 

Winter isn’t hibernation season — it’s the time to meet new customers, boost your reputation, and make more money. Here’s how.

Hang and remove holiday lights

Everyone loves the twinkling lights of the holiday season. Not everyone loves putting them up or having to worry about dad tumbling off the roof. Plus, who wants to  find that one bad bulb that’s messing with their whole display? Take away other’s holiday stress with your business this holiday season. 

 Clean gutters

Most homeowners know they should clean their gutters. But for those who’ve put it off until winter, now’s the time. This is especially true after a big storm. Your business can help the procrastinators in your area preserve their gutters, while helping those who should probably avoid doing their own home repair. 

Powerwash houses and buildings

What homeowner doesn’t want to improve their curb appeal? They could knock the home down and start over for just a few hundred thousand dollars. Or you could powerwash their home and give it an instant makeover. Improve your customer’s day by helping them see the hidden beauty in their  homes.

Become an Autmow certified installer and lawn care pro

Robotic mowers are some of the most exciting recent developments in lawn care. Become an robotic mowing expert and you’ll position yourself as being on the cutting edge of the industry. Join a growing network of Autmow certified installers and lawn care pros. Autmow will give you everything you need to succeed. You robotic mowers can give you exposure and help you gain lots of customers who will potentially want one of their own! 

Leaf removal

Leaf removal is often associated with the beautiful colors of fall. But why not offer this service all through the winter? A stray leaf here or there isn’t probably doing much damage. But letting leaves accumulate throughout the winter can seriously impact the health of your clients’ lawns. Your landscaping company is like winter Superman – rushing to fight any lawn issue that arises.

Help your lawn care clients prepare for spring

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean your lawn care clients don’t want to see you until spring. They want to be lawn ready when the first thaw breaks.  Make sure to keep in touch and educate your clients about topics like proper fertilizers. That way, you’ll also be at their top of their minds when they’re ready to resume lawn care again. 


Talking about spring, your clients expect beautiful flower beds when spring arrives. Help them protect those seeds they planted in fall. Your customers want a beautiful flower display that’s the envy of their neighborhood. You want a customer for life.

Equipment repair

One of the best ways to grow your landscaping company in winter is to become a jack of all trades. And equipment repair is just one more service that can add value and income to your business. Your clients can spend the spring cursing at the lawnmower that refuses to work. Or they can hire a professional like you and have that problem solved before the first thaw.

Snow removal

Before the growth of web conferencing, snow days meant no school and a day off from the office. Now snow just means many hours of shoveling with little reward. Your clients want easy, fast, and convenient removal solutions. Snow is one of the few things you can count on in winter. You could use it to build a snowman, or you could use it to build your finances.

Stump and tree removal

Make sure you know what you’re doing before you add this to your services menu. You won’t enjoy a tree accidentally falling on your head. Not everyone is meant to be Paul Bunyan. But if you know what you’re doing, stump and tree removal is an excellent additional service for your landscaping company offerings. 

TRUTH – Grass doesn’t grow in winter. FALSE – There’s no way to make money as a landscaper in winter. If you play this season right, not only will you make a profit. You’ll raise your reputation as a landscaping expert. 

While your competition is snoozing their way through hibernation, you’ll be meeting new customers and building your reputation. And come spring, you won’t need to call them to earn their business for another season. You’ll already be at their home, making money as their all-season landscaping expert.